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From the most basic real estate transactions to the most complex litigation, our lawyers will never lose sight of your goals.

At the Wilkie Law Group, we believe that your needs are unique. When you choose us to handle your real estate law matter, we will start by getting to know you. We believe that the first step in getting a resolution is making certain that we truly understand what resolution you are looking for. You can rest assured that we will take your case in the direction that is right for you.

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The lawyers at our law firm represent people in the Fort Lauderdale area, throughout South Florida, and across the state.

We can address all commercial and residential real estate law issues, including:

  • Purchase or sale of property
  • Title issues
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating leases and contracts
  • Real estate disputes and litigation involving condominiums and other issues

One of our lead attorneys, Eric Salpeter, is also a licensed title agent, ready to assist with all assist with all transactions, and our lawyers are very experienced in all types of real estate litigation. This includes litigation to recover condominium construction deposits.


Our team believes in being approachable and real. When you come to us, we know it is for help. At our firm, you will find approachable attorneys you can talk to. But we also take a strong stand against our opponents. We will make clear our willingness to take the steps necessary to get the results that are right for our clients.


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